22 April, 2016

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Diary 21Apr16 - UK! #3 Friends! (finally! xD)

Whatsup guyss? こんばんわ :D
And the part we're waiting for... Friends! ^_^ Yeayyy
I think I should tell you from the beginning. When we first came here, the headmaster has chosen some of his students which will accompany us each. I got accompanied by Zach (We refer to them as our buddy) :D So basically we follow our buddy's classes and attend them together. Well, Zach and Aneesa (Rifki's buddy) is a great buddy after all ^_^ They do a good job finding us whenever we get lost (Oh the inside building is a maze xD #metaphor) They're like the portals for Rifki and I to really get into the class :D
Click read more to see... more obviously xD

Zach and his wayang ^_^

Right to left: Lucy and Aneesa
Oh and before the farewell assembly, I gave Zach wayang as a present :D I taught him how to play it, so if you wanna play wayang just ask him ^_^

And so we move on to my classmate :D
Some was not here actually >,< and the left-most is Mrs. Steady :D
There're lots of friends I met here ^_^ Starting from my class~ Zach, Aneesa (yeah, both of them, of course xD), Lauren, Lucy, Darcey, Harrison, Jayvian, Ben, Toby, Lea, Ben, Eddy, Harry, Georgia, Hanan, Hannah, Zak, and... I think that's it ^_^ (Anybody I haven't mentioned yet? >,<)
They all so friendly and cheerful, time flies here pretty fast :') It's very fun here in Year 10 ^_^ Jayvian who's pretty good at poetic words, Lea who's... I think I don't have to tell that xD Lucy who like all sort of animals and gymnastic, Lauren who can play Ben (ward) pro at photography, Aneesa good at math, Darcey who loves Chemistry, Harrison who's in charge (hehehee), Oh man there're lots of them I can't say it one by one xD They all have their own unique character. What's more, they're going to have camping at Friday >,< AHHHHH I WANNA JOIN TOO T_T 

I wanted to take some picture while we are studying.. but I guess the teacher wouldn't allow it :3
Here are some pics with you guys :D
Girls only

Girls only (2) (when will the boys come .-.)

Rifki .-. Oh I think I can crop this one *evil smile*

Hannah got all excited being photographed xD

Don't close your eyes, Zak xD

Something's on your face, Jayvian? xD

OMG that eyes >,<

Lea >,< nothing's wrong with your face xD

... Why Lea's still closing his face here too? :3

Harrison 'block' me >,<

It's a bit too far isn't it? Hot as well :3

I'll leave it for you guys to complete it xD ^_^
This is what happens when I try to get inside the class again after farewell xD

Harry xD

Okayy, I also have photos with some teachers too :D Take a look at it ^_^


Mrs Steady! With Lucy and Lauren behind xD

The Head of The Teachers! Wait... Is that Lauren back there? xD
I have lots of other picture as well ^_^ check it out
Mohsin :D

While we're waiting for the lunch...

Lily and her friends :D

My hands get deformed xD

Cafetaria 001

Cafetaria 002


Okay Noah xD

Joshua or Kyle? :D

Cafetaria 005

Cafetaria 006

Cafetaria 007 - James Bond number xD great!

Cafeta- wait where's number 004? xD

In front of Cafetaria entrance I think :D

Year 9 here :D

Charlie and Anya :D

Well .-.

Oh this one after the performance!


Him again xD

Year 9 here again :D
Well, I think that's all I can think of now xD Maybe I'll add some stories later ;) Sayonara everybody.. hope we can meet someday ^_^


aaah keliatannya funny banget ris.
faris udah lancar speaking sama listening ya?
ini di negara mana dek?

@kak Rara: fun banget kak ^_^
alhamdulillah udah lumayan lancarlah, udah ikut tes TOEFL juga pas SMA kelas 1 (yah tahun ajaran kemarin lah xD)
ini di UK kak :D British

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