19 April, 2016

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Diary 19Apr16 - UK! #1 Host Fam

Whatsup guys? こんばんわ :D
I feel happy today ^_^ why? Because today I'm in UK! :D
As you already know, I joined Student Attachment program in my school (kind of study trip to other country). I'll write this post for my friends in UK too, so I'll use English for this one. Feel free to ask me the translation if you don't understand it :)

Anywayy,, UK is somewhat different from us. There're lots of new things I learn here, including the culture and their habit. I even learn some of pakistan and indian things here xD Well, wanna know more? Just click the read more button below!

First of all, I would like to introduce my host family. We don't stay in the hotels here, instead there're host families for each 3 of us. We stay and provided with daily needs by the host family. I stay in this host family with Raka (DHIS Year 11th) and Abraham (Labschool Jakarta Rawamangun Year 8th).
Beside me was Abe, behind me (right to left) was Harris and Hasyim 
Me, Raka and Abe with Mom Yasmin ^_^

In the park :D
Before advancing to anywhere, I'd like to introduce my host fam first :D
My host fam is Tariq & Yasmin fam. They have 3 kids: Abdul, Harris and Hasyim. They have their cousin/nephew coming along: Khalid. They're moslem family.
Mom Yasmin can make both English food and Asian food as well ^_^ Day one we eat spicy chicken. On day two we eat Indian food (curry and canai bread). Day three we eat English dinner (fish n chips). Last day we eat afghanistan food ^_^ OMG I love culinaries, my stomach were built for that xD
Their father Tariq is a hard-working man. He do painting room after work. But don't picture him as a hard person! He's very gentle and care about his family. Oh, and he also very strong xD like he can take Abdul and Khalid together while doing some panco xD
left is Khalid and right is Tariq
There're  also Harris and Hasyim. They both very playful and cheerful in home! Harris like to show me his video games while Hasyim likes to talk and asked me to play (like anything, including other people's パンツ clothes xD) I enjoy talking with them. We get along with them pretty fast xD

The oldest brother is Abdul. You know what? He's 14 at the time I write it! xD Yeah, I thought that he was like a college student or something like that xD People here is tall and bigger. He likes to watch English and Indian movies. He said he learnt English by watching English movies. When we watch Lone Survivor together, he even translates Pashto conversation (it is Pakistan language).
Scary face xD

There's also Khalid, their nephew. He was from Afghanistan. He's very brave and mature. He likes to have fun with us (and sometimes tricks us xD). He speaks Pashto a lot like when they speak Pashto and we speak Indonesian it became very strange xD like everyone's trying to show off their language. He likes to play games, and that's why he and Abe got along fast (well, the first time they met they played Billiard vid game together xD)

oh and I have some more extra photos here at my first arrival ^_^
The front view of the house :D

Me and Raka

Warm! ^_^

Never mind this :3

I can use that as my pillow xD
I think that's it for now :) Next I'll tell you about the time we go to park and I'll introduce you to my friends in the school ^_^ See you later.. またね!


Wow...glad to know you are happy in there and get along well with the family...

Wow...glad to know you are happy in there and get along well with the family...

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