17 September, 2016

26 June, 2016

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Book Review! Anna Dressed in Blood series

Hello guys, whatsup? Hehehe
Sepertinya aku akan menggunakan bahasa indonesia untuk saat ini... aku belum ada waktu untuk menerjemahkannya ke dalam bahasa inggris, tapi suatu hari nanti pasti 'kan aku terjemahkan kok :) Kali ini aku akan meresensi buku yang memikatku selama beberapa hari belakang ini xD Yeah, kenapa tiba-tiba aku mencoba meresensi buku? Karena kayaknya temanku Candisa Azzahra lagi sibuk xD selama ini aku minta dia meresensi buku-buku dan anime-anime yang aku rekomendasiin, mungkin sekarang sudah saatnya aku meresensinya sendiri :D
Buku ini bagus banget bagi kalian yang suka supernatural, misteri, sihir, dan mungkin romance ala Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (ululululululu iykwim). Tertarik? Check this out!

15 June, 2016

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Curhat - Trivial things

Hello guys, whatsup?
I am in a bit of dilemma, see? Because I don't know how am I going to blog anymore. Use English or Bahasa Indonesia? xD Yeah it doesn't matter much anyway. It's a trivial thing. Insignificant. But to me, trivial things are the one that really matters. Yes, big things are the one we should prioritise. I also tend to see the big picture first when it comes down to planning
Why Kaori is here T_T

. But when it comes to social life, trivial things stand up at the top. I think I'll use English AND Bahasa Indonesia for this one :) I will tell it twice (but not at the same time)

22 April, 2016

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Diary 21Apr16 - UK! #3 Friends! (finally! xD)

Whatsup guyss? こんばんわ :D
And the part we're waiting for... Friends! ^_^ Yeayyy
I think I should tell you from the beginning. When we first came here, the headmaster has chosen some of his students which will accompany us each. I got accompanied by Zach (We refer to them as our buddy) :D So basically we follow our buddy's classes and attend them together. Well, Zach and Aneesa (Rifki's buddy) is a great buddy after all ^_^ They do a good job finding us whenever we get lost (Oh the inside building is a maze xD #metaphor) They're like the portals for Rifki and I to really get into the class :D
Click read more to see... more obviously xD

21 April, 2016

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Diary 20Apr16 - UK! #2 My School and Friends (I think only school at this time xD)

Whatsup guys? こんばんわみなさん! :D
Like my promise, I'll post again to tell about my friends here (in this post only some of them :3 I'll continue the rest ^_^) and the school.
The school here surely is a bit lot bigger than our school :D And the facilities here is perfect! (Oh my you need to see the toilet xD Well maintenanced) And the cafetaria here offers quite delicious food if you compare to mine in the dorm xD There's a big gymnasium here too ^_^
Wanna know more? Hit this post! :D

19 April, 2016

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Diary 19Apr16 - UK! #1 Host Fam

Whatsup guys? こんばんわ :D
I feel happy today ^_^ why? Because today I'm in UK! :D
As you already know, I joined Student Attachment program in my school (kind of study trip to other country). I'll write this post for my friends in UK too, so I'll use English for this one. Feel free to ask me the translation if you don't understand it :)

Anywayy,, UK is somewhat different from us. There're lots of new things I learn here, including the culture and their habit. I even learn some of pakistan and indian things here xD Well, wanna know more? Just click the read more button below!

08 February, 2016

07 February, 2016

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Diary 6Feb16 - Long time no see! ^_^ 私はファリスくんです!

Sesaat sblm nasyid ^_^
初めましてみんあさん! (Hajimemashite mina-san!) Hehehe..
Udah lama banget yah kita gak berjumpa :') aku dah terlalu lama sendiri vakum xD
Selama 6 bulan lebih ini, aku dapet banyaaak bet pengalaman ^_^ mancay dah xD
Contohnya aja apa yah?
-Patri youth is me (baca: patriotisme)
-Game jadul
-Japan Club
dan banyaakkk lagi :D ora iso dijelasin dalam satu pos, jdi aku ceritain dulu aja tentang sekolahnya ^_^
btw, mulai sekarang aku gunain istilah 日本 (Nihon) yah :D it makes me うれしいです (ureshii desu) ^_^