22 April, 2016

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Diary 21Apr16 - UK! #3 Friends! (finally! xD)

Whatsup guyss? こんばんわ :D
And the part we're waiting for... Friends! ^_^ Yeayyy
I think I should tell you from the beginning. When we first came here, the headmaster has chosen some of his students which will accompany us each. I got accompanied by Zach (We refer to them as our buddy) :D So basically we follow our buddy's classes and attend them together. Well, Zach and Aneesa (Rifki's buddy) is a great buddy after all ^_^ They do a good job finding us whenever we get lost (Oh the inside building is a maze xD #metaphor) They're like the portals for Rifki and I to really get into the class :D
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21 April, 2016

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Diary 20Apr16 - UK! #2 My School and Friends (I think only school at this time xD)

Whatsup guys? こんばんわみなさん! :D
Like my promise, I'll post again to tell about my friends here (in this post only some of them :3 I'll continue the rest ^_^) and the school.
The school here surely is a bit lot bigger than our school :D And the facilities here is perfect! (Oh my you need to see the toilet xD Well maintenanced) And the cafetaria here offers quite delicious food if you compare to mine in the dorm xD There's a big gymnasium here too ^_^
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19 April, 2016

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Diary 19Apr16 - UK! #1 Host Fam

Whatsup guys? こんばんわ :D
I feel happy today ^_^ why? Because today I'm in UK! :D
As you already know, I joined Student Attachment program in my school (kind of study trip to other country). I'll write this post for my friends in UK too, so I'll use English for this one. Feel free to ask me the translation if you don't understand it :)

Anywayy,, UK is somewhat different from us. There're lots of new things I learn here, including the culture and their habit. I even learn some of pakistan and indian things here xD Well, wanna know more? Just click the read more button below!