21 April, 2016

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Diary 20Apr16 - UK! #2 My School and Friends (I think only school at this time xD)

Whatsup guys? こんばんわみなさん! :D
Like my promise, I'll post again to tell about my friends here (in this post only some of them :3 I'll continue the rest ^_^) and the school.
The school here surely is a bit lot bigger than our school :D And the facilities here is perfect! (Oh my you need to see the toilet xD Well maintenanced) And the cafetaria here offers quite delicious food if you compare to mine in the dorm xD There's a big gymnasium here too ^_^
Wanna know more? Hit this post! :D

I think it's the best if I told you about the school first.
Our school here is Hipperholme Grammar School.

From the Wikipedia

Hipperholme Grammar School is an independent grammar school in Hipperholme (near Halifax), West Yorkshire, England. It educates pupils between the ages of 3 and 18.
The Hipperholme Grammar Junior School was formerly known as Lightcliffe Preparatory School
The school has it origins in 1529 within the chantry chapel of the nearby village of Coley. In 1648 (the date the school classes as its founding year) Matthew Broadley, paymaster to Charles I, endowed a large sum of money to build a school on land donated by Samuel Sunderland of Coley Hall; the school opened its doors on its current site in 1661.[citation needed] Two of the current school houses, Broadley and Sunderland, are named after the founders.
In 1783 a new school hall was constructed, designed by Longbottom. Originally an all-boys school, it became independent (ISA,AGBIS) in the 1980s and began admitting girls at the same time.[citation needed]
 This is the school ^_^ (took it from their school flickr and some browsing on google)
Front view of Hipperholme

Since 1648!
That's the big tree and some people resting there :3

Outdoor workout! Nice :D

The front of the Hall :D There's a projector up there and the white thingy as well.

OMG Piano ^_^ Luv it!

The Hall :D Big!

It's the Gymnasium. You can play almost anything here xD



They have lots of wall magazine here (kind of xD)

Look! Games Club! :D

Where you get food! Quite delicious compared to our school xD

This cafetaria can holds lots of students and teachers :D

Lockers Room! Although I don't use it xD

There're 2 pianos I found in this school :D lots of keyboards here ^_^

Music room! I wonder if they have angklung xD
Ohhh and wait until you see their field. IT IS HUGE! We play javelin there at PE last Tuesday :D I still can't find the way how to make it stick when it lands xD

Whoa, this post already this long xD I guess I have to split it then xD またね!



What is that quote in the last photo?

What is that quote in the last photo?

"Shut up and take my money" Is a phrase from the netizens to express huge desire to buy it xD But it only be considered as a joke actually

bangunan sekolahnya adalah ekspektasi dan impian aku dulu,... sayangnya sekarang waktu sekolah Sudah habis.

@kak Rara: sekolah itu hanya nama lain dari sumber mencari ilmu kak :) kampus, kantor, masyarakat, keluarga, bahkan internet sekalipun bisa kita gunakan sebagai sumber mencari ilmu juga ^_^ hanya saja, metode pemberiannya beda2
"Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss

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